shoes have come a long way

Colchester Rubber Co. produced the world's first basketball sneaker in 1892!

We couldn’t believe it, either. Sneakers dating back to the year 1892? Shoes that kinda look like “Chuck Taylors,” but predate them by decades? Attention to historical detail using vintage materials and quality construction with some modern upgrades?

(Re)introducing Colchester Rubber Co.

Sealed Bid Auction for US Trademarks is in:

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More? Yes, please.

US trademark auction

Cordes & Company, LLC isĀ  holding a bid per state of California for the brand trademarks with a deadline of midnight on June 21, 2024. For a sealed bid form, contact:

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The team at Colchester Brands LLC raised the bar after a 2017 crowdfunding campaign by delivering this shoe into the hands of both history buffs and sneakerheads alike via direct ecommerce sales and wholesaling through specialty retailers. For more information: